What is White Factory United?

White Factory United is a top of the line brand development and print agency founded by owner/designer Timothy Maurice. With a collective 20+ years in the industry, Timothy and his team will provide your company with all the tools necessary to take your business to the next level. We give complimentary 30-minute consultations to new clients to analyze your specific branding/marketing needs. WFS also offers impeccable in-house graphic design and printing for business, personal, and special events.

What does White Factory United offer?

Brand Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Marketing Plans
  • Development and Production Plans
  • Partnerships and Alliances
Graphic Design and Printing 
  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Trade Show Displays and Wraps
  • Signage
  • Window Graphics
  • Product Design
  • T-Shirt and Clothing
  • Large Format Printing
  • Cut Vinyl
  • Printed Vinyl
Why White Factory United?

"You can not manage what you can not measure." – Management adage

White Factory United focuses on your company’s specific needs to achieve larger business goals through a step-by-step execution plan, allowing you to establish a strategic framework and tactical plan to obtain success. This plan will allow you and your team to understand how you are going to achieve your goals. It will also help you break up your business into more manageable parts. WFS will help create ways to monitor progress and make sure your company is on the right track to achieve its goals. An execution plan will also ensure that your team members are focused on the same goals and are moving in the same direction.

What is a Marketing Plan?

"Marketing is not "sales," but the science of knowing what people who buy your product repeatedly think of that product and whether they will buy it again, and why." - W. Edwards Deming

A marketing plan is a comprehensive blueprint to how a product/service is promoted in the marketplace and how to ensure it generates attention. It is imperative that a company has specific business objectives to achieve. The only way to successfully achieve these goals is to create a reasonable marketing budget over the course of 6 months to one year.

It is impossible to measure long term in advance as things change, markets evolve, and customers come and go. It is vital that your companies marketing strategies stay ahead of the curve. Properly managing your company blueprint is essential to ensure that the plan is a huge success. Companies typically keep their marketing plans very private for one of two different reasons: Either they're too skimpy and management would be embarrassed to have them see the light of day, or they're solid and packed with information, which would make them extremely valuable to the competition.

It is to be expected that things will go wrong, but be prepared to make the adjustments necessary to fix any issues and not repeat the same mistakes. Often companies overlook marketing or skip steps thinking that their product/service will generate its own attention and sell itself. This attitude can doom a company with amazing things to offer but a market that is unaware that they exist. WFS will keep your company current and relevant to consumers with an invaluable marketing plan specific to your companies needs.